This is the ultimate cold case, a 125 year mystery hidden in plain sight. Brad Michael Little has authored The King's Son (The Evidence) which pieces together the evidence that William James Shepherd was closely related to a member of the then British Royal Family of the 1890's. The case is built-up and includes clues that lead to a clear path forward - readied for a compelling conclusion and resolution to the mystery.

New DNA Analysis techniques were developed as a result of Brad Michael Little's ancestral investigation work into his maternal Grandfather - William James Shepherd. These new techniques were integrated with existing known techniques and were automated using software processes into this


Origin-DNA and its associated DNA analysis engine are now presented to Customers in this website as a Service for Ancestry investigation enthusiasts to use.

Thousands of hours of work were invested in both the development of the process and the implementation of the Origin-DNA SERVICE. Our Customers can now get the benefit of this research, to help them determine the names of their ancestors, and possibly make amazing discoveries about who they really are.

WILLIAM JAMES SHEPHERD (my maternal Grandfather)

sitting behind a Model "A" Ford, c. 1935