Origin-DNA enables you to leverage your existing Ancestral DNA test results to help you solve your ancestry puzzles.

The Origin-DNA System is directly compatible with FamilyTreeDNA.com and iGENEA.com. AncestryDNA.com, 23andMe.com and MyHeritage.com are compatible after transferring your results to FamilyTreeDNA using their free transfer service.

Origin-DNA is a purpose built System, designed to help you determine who (by name) were your recent ancestors, by providing a software system that will ingest the Ancestral DNA Data files available from your Home Kit Ancestral DNA test portal, produce an analysis report and then lead you through a process that helps to guide you to the answers.

The Origin-DNA SERVICE was designed and built from the ground up, with the sole purpose of helping you use your Ancestral DNA results to further your ancestral investigation.

At present, Ancestral DNA test results provide you with a huge list of thousands of DNA cousins who are "somehow" related to you. The results provided by the Ancestral DNA kits are just the beginning of the process of providing answers into your ancestral investigation. As such, the DNA companies are only starting the process for you. Origin-DNA will help you progress your investigative process.

Origin-DNA's aim is to eventually meet the needs of millions of customers who have taken

Ancestral DNA tests, to help them determine the names of many of their recent ancestors.

The Origin-DNA SERVICE is the beginning of helping you to solve your ancestry puzzles.

The Origin-DNA SERVICE is a significant time saving tool. Let us give you an example:

If you had a close family group of 9 individuals, then the DNA results provided on the DNA Company portal would show that you had approximately 36,000 "DNA cousins" who are related to the family group "somehow".

This is staggering data overload.

We estimate that to integrate, analyse and produce a report based on the DNA results, that could then actually be used by the "family ancestral investigator" to begin the process of determining who their ancestors are - would take 10.5 man-months (@ 40 Hours per week) to produce - if done manually.

This is clearly a task beyond a human's ability to achieve, therefore the need for Origin-DNA.

Origin-DNA will produce a User Output Spreadsheet file report which will help you begin to use the data to actually start on your ancestral investigation in a systematic manner - and enable you to use your list of DNA cousins from your Ancestral DNA test to assist you with your investigation.

We do not wish to overstate what the Origin-DNA SERVICE will do for you.

You still need to do significant work following up DNA cousin leads, performing ancestral paper trail investigations etc. Additionally, there will be the need to manually run a number of steps using your DNA test results via your "Family Finder" DNA portal provided by the DNA testing company.

However, as we indicated above, the User Spreadsheet Output file you receive from an Origin-DNA SERVICE will save you a lot of time, and will firmly put you much further down the path of being able to use your Ancestral DNA test results to actually help you determine the names of some of your ancestors.

The Origin-DNA SERVICE also requires you to assemble the input data on your Computer / MAC Desktop, package it up and send an order request to the Origin-DNA SERVICE.

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